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ErTi Food Trade Ltd.

Since being founded in Mannheim in 2011 ErTi Food Trade Ltd., distributes high-quality products, for which the company vouchs for. ErTi Food Trade Ltd. supplies around 700 points of sale, which are based in the pilot region chosen by the company, for a significant amount of time. This kind of field study assures a more detailed analysis about the sales of already existing and new launched products.This again leads to the decrease of marketing errors and bad packaging. The suppliers and trading partners get informed about the figures of the study to counteract production failures. Consequently this kind of work ensures an improved collaboration between ErTi Trade Ltd, suppliers and trading partners .

By making a strategically well thougt analysis of customers and partners the company managed to place their distributed products in a very short time in the retail shelves of the supermarkets which consequently lead to customer satisfaction. During a short period of time ErTi Food Trade Ltd. became one of the most popular companies in Germany because of distributing               high-qualitaty, healthy and halal-certified products an having an innovative understanding of service.

Through our sales network in North and Central Europe, established over many years the products get to the customers abroad via our distributer network which ist developed and strengthened constantly by new projects.

It is intended to expand our sales network in Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, the Netherland, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland etc. Furthermore it is to mention that the company colaborates with a well developed supplier network.

Our Mission

ErTi Food Trade Ltd. offers a service which is socially acceptable, costomer-oriented and eco-friendly to belong to the best companies in the industry. The reliable and innovative structure of the company leads to a strong basis of trust between customer and supplier.

Our Vision

ErTi Food Trade Ltd.intends also to take a leading role in Europe. The  purpose furthermore of the company is to offer their employees and trading partners by mutual agreement a constant win-win situation. A stable growth and a bond to our own guiding principle are very important pillars of the corporate philosophy.

ErTi Food Trade Ltd. counts on a realtively young staff, open-minded for changes and innovations, which can be implemented by them, who are also risk-tolerant and are capable of developing themseleves independently. Furthermore the company encourages team spirit and employee suggestion system to strengthen its corporate identity.

Our Values

Work ethic according to our code of conduct, sincerity and our slogan “Outstanding service leads to high customer satisfaction” are principles that lable our procedure. Those values strengthen also the relations of our staff and to a strong basis of trust between customer and company.

In short our values which lead us to success:

  • Team spirit
  • Showing respect towards each other
  • Politeness, strengthening and maintenance of mutual support
  • Sincerity, loyalty
  • Creativity
  • Determination und enthusiasm

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